Trial Information

EmDogs plans to host a variety of dog competitions throughout the year. Initially outfitted for agility training and trials, dock diving, rally, and nose work trials are planned for the future! Regardless of the venue, EmDog Acres provides plenty of space for crating and competition and can be easily adapted for your trial’s needs.

UKI Agility

“The mission of UKI is to provide agility dog competitions that are designed with all competitors in mind; enabling all dogs to achieve a level of success, while promoting high standards in competing, training and judging of agility dogs.

UK Agility International (UKI) has been developed to promote the growth of agility with the thought of safety and fun for every dog. In addition, UKI encourages the advancement in training using reward based training methods. This not only helps to foster a better pet and handler connection, but also supports the atmosphere of a relaxed and friendly environment for dogs, family and spectators.” – via UK Agility International

UKI Trials

October 28th 2016

Documents coming soon!

November 4th-6th 2016

Documents coming soon!

January 6th-8th 2017

Documents coming soon!

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