EmDogs is honored to provide our students and the local agility community amazing learning opportunities with some of the best of the best in the agility world. We are happy to host presenters with the same philosophy we have, bringing fun and understanding to the forefront in all we do. Cutting edge seminars with action-packed days full of learning, fun, and camaraderie are what we aim to offer!

October 2017 at EmDog Acres! Melanie Miller of Complete Canine Athlete

Melanie has been involved in dog agility since 1998, and has developed her own style of handling, melding concepts from great handlers around the world. Her handling is always aimed at giving the dog the earliest possible information, while keeping the handler ahead to show clear, effective cues. She also recognizes that each dog and handler team is unique, and works to find the best possible solution for that team. She believes that each team’s potential is unlimited and she works to give a clear plan for the next most critical steps to help that team reach their full potential. Melanie has a unique approach to her instruction, combining several key concepts:

  • High motivation for all dogs to maximize drive and potential
  • High reinforcement for all handlers to keep the game fun
  • Focus on delivering information as early as possible to the dog through timely handling and skill proficiency
  • A holistic view of all the components required, including a solid mental game, fitness of handler and dog, and keeping all elements in balance.

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Learn from Emily!
Emily is available for seminars at EmDogs Acres, or at a location of your choice. She has studied with many of the industry’s leaders over the years, and follows most closely with the teachings of Stuart Mah and most recently, Melanie Miller of Complete Canine Athlete.

Emily’s focus is always on having fun while pushing you and your dog to be the best team you can be. She specializes in motivating the unmotivated dog, and bringing agility teams to the next level while keeping the lines of communication, trust, and respect between dog and handler intact at all times. No Q or title or award is worth sacrificing the amazing bond you have worked hard to foster with your amazing agility partner. Having worked with many dogs over the years, she has a way to help you whether your dog is too fast for you, you are too fast for your dog, or if you fall somewhere in between.

An Engineer by degree, Emily is very detail oriented and has an analytical eye to bring awareness to even the smallest elements in your agility tool box that may need repair. A dog trainer at heart, Emily will present training solutions, focusing on what you can do to better your dog’s understanding of the task at hand. She won’t just tell you to “get there to handle it”, as she fully believes everything can be performed with precision whether or not you can beat your dog to every obstacle, and running fast border collies at only 5’4″ tall has given her an appreciation for the importance of training implicit understanding. Contact Emily for more details!

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