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Lindsey Hinds


My name is Lindsey Hinds and I’ve been involved with dogs since I was a young girl, and horses as well. I rode and competed through college with the intention of becoming a professional trainer. I actually starting having an interest in conditioning then, for my horses. But in college I switched to riding for fun and training dogs as a profession. I’ve been training for 20 years full time and started competing in dog sports about this time as well. I train a variety of things, primarily pet dog manners but also have trained service dogs, worked with reactive dogs, and trained multiple sports. I was a rehab technician at a vet clinic, which I loved, and now my main business is teaching sports-specific (that means the behaviors/ motions I teach mimic things the dog does in real life while competing in their sport) fitness and conditioning to canine athletes all over the world. I teach seminars around the world and have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing clients. 
I love competing and have competed in dog sports since 1997. I’ve competed in obedience, rally, herding, lure coursing, Jack Russel trials, (which include conformation, go-to-ground/earth dog, racing and high jump), freestyle and distance flying disc, and my two favorites, dock jumping and agility.
 I have been to multiple world and national championships in agility, in multiple venues with multiple dogs, and made the finals in several events. Currently, Pogo has her USDAA ADCH, has qualified for Cynosport several times, has qualified for the UKI US Open all four years we’ve competed in UKI, and was the 2016 USDAA South Central Regional 22″ Silver medalist in Biathlon. 
In dock jumping, I had one of the first Border Collies that jumped, and was the first non-retriever breed to qualify for The Super Retriever Series Crown Championships. I also had top ten placings at the Dock Dogs World Championships in three divisions with two dogs, tho I fought quite a bit of discrimination back then having a herding breed. Then we also won the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in Dock Jumping, breaking a World Record in the process. The video of that World Record jump is on my YouTube. They actually made the pool bigger after that! We were on Letterman, Leno, ESPN’s Sport Center and a variety of other TV shows. Capp, my dog that broke this record, was the one who caused me to start using sports specific canine conditioning. He was so much smaller than the dogs he competed with but he was fast. I knew he had to be super fit in order to be better than his rivals. So I used my knowledge from my days as a human athlete and from horse fitting and developed a program for him. It worked! 



Abby Farmer

Abby is a teacher by trade. She works in Dallas ISD as an elementary school art teacher. 48412934_506060356552714_3675417048076255232_nShe is a very patient teacher with her art students, as well as her agility students!

Abby has been playing agility since 2013. She currently runs her four year old corgi Artie in primarily USDAA and UKI events, as well as trains her corgi puppy Rigby for her agility future.

Abby’s agility beginnings began in Lubbock for a brief time before moving to Dallas. Most of her agility career she has trained exclusively with Emily Hurt. She has also had the privilege of training under Stuart Mah, and Melanie Miller for numerous seminars, as well as her most recent training adventure of One Mind Dog training seminar.

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