Video Analysis

Have a certain run you can’t figure out where you could have shaved off that extra time?  A training video you can’t figure out why your dog isn’t “getting it”?

You may send me any videos of runs, training sessions, practice, and I will analyze it.  I will give feedback on how to improve everything from running contacts to teaching a specific trick to how to shave seconds off the clock at a trial.


I have been giving video analysis for a few years now, and am happy to offer it to you on a more official level.  Send the videos my way and I’ll get you on the road to more success, more blue ribbons, and a better relationship between you and your dog!

If you’d like a more continuous online coaching experience I am also happy to offer that.  Please just contact me at or send me a message on facebook and we can discuss specifics.
Price: starting at $100, contact Emily for more details.


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