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11348959_10153351570741563_237281249_nThis session of Super Puppy 1 will run from 13 March – 19 June 2017.
This session of Super Puppy 2 will run from TBD

My Super Puppy class is designed with future agility stars in mind, but is a valuable addition to any training regimen for any dog, young or old.

This class will focus on strengthening the relationship between you and your dog through clicker tricks and foundation skills.  A desire to train your dog using positive reinforcement is a must, and the ability to think outside the box is a step in the right direction.  Join us as we shape the young minds of tomorrow’s agility rockstars, one bit of body awareness at a time.

The tricks we will introduce will get the dog thinking, increasing proprioception, and strengthening their desire to work for you.  You will get an outline of what to work on and why we are focusing on those skills every 2 weeks. Class will officially run for 14 weeks, with a 2 week “catch up” break added in for those that might need a little extra time.

You can ask questions when you are stumped, and videos you submit will help me give you ideas on how to improve or progress past a point where you might get stuck.  Your videos don’t have to be fancy or even edited (though cutting out the bits where you’re off camera or getting more treats don’t need to be included unless you think they’re relevant in some way).  I prefer of course to be able to hear when the clicks are happening, and anything you are saying to the dog (which in shaping should of course be minimal at first, besides giving praise) so videos without music overlay are preferred.  If you have a YouTube account you can post these videos as unlisted so that only your fellow students and I can see your work, and then dazzle your subscribers with your finished product! You can also upload videos directly to the Facebook group and they will be viewable only by me and your classmates.

This class has a limited number of openings and is being offered at $250 for workers, and $125 for active auditors. Workers will be able to send in an unlimited amount of video for review and assessment, and auditors will be able to join in group discussions as well as watch all of the videos that are submitted. This will be a Facebook-based class, so access to Facebook is a requirement.

Working spots in the Super Puppy 2 are also now available to anyone who participated in any of the previous offerings of Super Puppy class (working or auditing spot)! Auditing spots are open to everyone, but realize that this class expands on a lot of the behaviours we start in Super Puppy 1, so it is highly recommended to at least audit Super Puppy 1 before auditing Super Puppy 2.

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*2015 IFCS World Team Member Francine & Courtney Keys

My Cardigan Welsh corgi, Franny, is the first puppy I’ve trained for agility, and I could not have done it without Emily’s Super Puppy class. The emphasis on impulse control and clicker training/shaping gave Franny the very best foundation and I am truly grateful to Emily for all her help! Emily also gave us many helpful suggestions for specific focus issues we were having. Franny has been amazingly successful at everything she tries, and I have no doubt everything we worked on in Super Puppy class contributed to that. Even better, Franny’s solid foundation work has given ME the confidence and joy I need to truly enjoy stepping up to the line with her for every run, and I can’t thank Emily enough for that!


*Trillian and Lynnea Britton

I was very fortunate that Emily was offering Super Puppy class when I got my Border Collie puppy Trillian. I was looking for fresh new ideas for my third agility dog, and this class was exactly what I needed!

Super Puppy to Superstar!!!

For Trillian, I knew I wanted to learn how to channel her incredible speed and energy into learning, and we accomplished it in this class. Emily has such talent for keeping enthusiasm and drive high, while still having the dogs think and practice impulse control. When Trillian hit the agility ring for the first time, she was more than ready to take it all on and her success as a young dog has been astounding!

~ 2014 Top Ten in USDAA Standard, Gamblers, and Jumpers (at 2 to 3 years old)
~ USDAA Lifetime Achievement Award Silver & ADCH Silver (at 3 years old)


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