The Boys

The Boy, Jeff, came into our lives in the Spring of 2009.  We met online when I posted an ad looking for a hiking buddy and socialization opportunities for then-puppy Felicity.  We got along swimmingly and 6 months later I changed my last name to his.  Jeff deployed to Afghanistan the last day of Cynosport in October 2009 and returned in November 2010.  We all missed him terribly while he was gone, and are so glad he’s back!

Jeff has a real way with dogs.  They all love him, and he is the “fun parent” around here.  I introduced him to clicker training and he’s a really quick study!  He has dabbled in running Fillie and Ivie from time to time and his own dog Cleatus (who I trained some while he was away), before Cleatus passed away unexpectedly in February 2011.  We miss Cleatus very much, but we have a new bundle of testosterone in the house for Jeff to train and pal around with.

Mr. Artemus was born 7 May 2011 and is growing up to be a very nice boy!  His mom was rescued from a one-way ticket to a kill shelter a week before giving birth to 9 beautiful little puppies.  My friend Kerry took MommaKit (BC/Aussie cross) in and raised the pups.  Artemus is a lovely little brown puppy, born among 8 little black puppies!  He’s been an outside-the-box thinker since day1!  Artemus is a Parvo survivor, a real trooper, and I can’t wait to see what he and Jeff become as a team in the future, I’m sure they’ll be amazing!


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