Felicity was another “oops- didn’t mean to find you so early on in the search for my next BC!” just like her sister Josie.  Josie was only 2 years old when I got Fillie in January of 2009.  Fil’ flew in from Virginia two days after I was laid off from my dream Civil Engineering job, and two days before my birthday.  I do believe it was perfect timing as Felicity’s arrival has been a turning point for everything in my life falling into place.

Without gainful employment, I found myself with plenty of time to play with my new puppy!  I also found time to meet new people, including my husband who I met while looking for hiking buddies and men to socialize my Fillie puppy with.  We met when Fil’ was almost 5 months old, just about the time I would have started training her some foundation handling moves, so instead of training her, I dated Jeff.  This was a blessing on both accounts as she was a very slow-to-mature, goofball puppy.  When my husband and I married after 6 months, he deployed to Afghanistan for a year and Fil’s training began shortly after her 1st birthday.

I experimented a lot with Fil’s agility foundation, and we have learned a ton together.  She is the fastest dog I’ve ever seen in a full-out run, and that brings its own set of challenges to the table.  I trained her with running contacts, the entire progression of which is online and available for viewing.  Fil’s dog walks are often sub-1.2s, and that’s without me ‘pushing for speed’.  I trained her contacts SO independently of my movement that I failed to add myself into the equation before I started running/showing her in full courses.  We learned last summer that there is that hole to fill in our training.

Felicity has an awesome work ethic, unrivaled in any dog I’ve seen.  She will repeat the same behavior all day long as long as she keeps getting rewarded for it.  The lack of quit in her forced me to teach her to cool herself off during training, as even in our air-conditioned training facility it can get hot when you are running full steam ahead.  This resulted in one of my favorite behaviors of hers, “fan”.  She stands or lays in front of the fan until she’s adequately cooled off, and will then rejoin the game.

While she can turn it on and keep it on forever and a day, she can also completely turn it off and become a pile of squish, snuggling on the couch or spooning on the bed.  Fillie Beans is an absolute love muffin and wants nothing more than for you to adore her.  Entirely too busy for boring things like snuggling her first year, I am so glad she decided to become extremely affectionate once she matured.  She really is the best of everything you could want in a Border Collie.

Fil’s great structure, amazing attitude, and herding pedigree led me to the decision to breed her when she came in at the end of 2010.  She had a litter of 6 beautiful, healthy puppies on 10 March, 2011.  Fillie was an absolutely amazing mother and continues to adore her babies, letting them get away with things no other dog could, every time she sees them.  Momma Bean and her Beanie Babies are an ongoing story I am privileged to be a part of.

She had a second litter in March of 2012.  Follow her puppies in all of their adventures on their facebook page, The Beanie Babies.

The future holds many great things for me and my Felicity.  Between dock diving, her mad Frisbee-jumping antics, and agility, we’re sure to have a fun-fulled future together!  Felicity means “Happiness” and not only does she exude happiness from every inch of her being, but she brings happiness by the gallon to those she shares her life with.  I am so lucky to share my time with my Bean!

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