About EmDog Acres

EmDog Acres is located at 1508 14th St Plano TX

EmDog Acres is located at 5108 14th St Plano TX

We are well aware of how hard our dogs work for us and we know they always give their best, whether it’s competing in agility or just playing a game of fetch. In turn we want to provide them with the best equipment, the best running surfaces, the best training, and the best environment.

Emdog Acres is currently operating on 12,000sf of turf that provides excellent traction and landing surfaces for your canine athlete. Our field is large enough to host UKI and USDAA sanctioned agility trials, with plenty of space for crating around the field. Our contact obstacles (including the pause table) are rubber skinned and fully adjustable to suit all dogs no matter where they are in their training. When it comes to weave training we have 2×2’s as well as channel weaves, so you’re covered no matter your method. Apart from the great outdoors there is also a fully outfitted dog gym. It features a dog treadmill, all manner of balance balls, wobble boards, and other body conditioning equipment. Because a physically well rounded athlete is a safer and happier athlete!


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