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Handsome Tripper

Felicity will be bred to Tripper on her next cycle, which should be late 2012 or early 2013. I am very excited about this breeding as I think these two will be an awesome match and blending the two should make some great dogs!

Fillie & Tripper in the Sunset

Tripper’s Pedigree: Tripper_Pedigree

Felicity’s Pedigree: 

Felicity is OFA GOOD (also other OFA tests), CEA Normal, CERF clear, and passed her  BAER testing.  Tripper’s hips will be fluoroscoped soon to ensure he is fit and ready to work.  I know Tripper carries for red, as his dam is a red.  He also carries for tri (he throws kind of a brindle-y tri).  I know Fil’ carries for tri, but don’t know about red.  Since they’re both smoothies, the likelihood of them having a coated dog is pretty slim.  Even though Fillie is white faced and Tripper is split faced, when bred to a split face the first time Fillie had 2 white faces, 2 split faces, 1 traditional blaze face and 1 very minimally white face.  So what the pups look like is only a fun thing to guess at this point :) One of my favourite things about Border Collies is how unique they all are, and how widely varied they are in looks!
5 July 2012 – Edited to add: I will take Tripper in August 2012 and run health checks on him in my care.  At least OFA and CERF.

3 Nov 2012 –  Trip’s OFA results

I have decided on this particular cross for a number of reasons.  I think their personalities will match up very nicely and produce some nice, even, confident, driven, super nuggly puppies for starters.  I also think these two pair nicely in terms of athleticism.  Where Fillie is flinging herself through the air, Tripper is more grounded and has some serious power and presence when he moves.  He will add some nice substance and level-headedness to the mix.  I really like what Fillie threw in her first litter in 2011.  I have watched the puppies grow and mature and I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience.  That litter was bred based on the two being a good fit, but there were also other extenuating circumstances that ultimately tipped the scale in favour of doing the breeding.

Felicity was an absolutely magnificent mother — I couldn’t have asked for a more attentive, sweet, nurturing mother figure for my litter.  We had to separate her from the puppies to keep her from nursing them once it was time for them to wean from her milk.  She was amazing at teaching them to play and wrestle appropriately and to just be sweet puppies in general.  Her pups are now almost 16 months old and to this day, anytime she sees one of them she hasn’t seen in a while she goes bonkers with excitement, and they’ll bust out into wrestling as if they never left her care!  It’s precious.  She and Rikki, the pup I kept from the breeding, are absolutely adorable together and wrestle and play and take care of each other something fierce.  The male from her litter came and stayed with us for a couple of months when he was 8-9mo and the three of them had a blast together (he has much more hair now that he’s full grown) :)

As soon as they can effectively take a treat from my hand, I start teaching them what the clicker means, and they learn how to think very early on.  I also start them on CrateGames for my own sanity as well as an easy transition in their new home :)

My ultimate goal in any breeding endeavor is to better the breed, and produce offspring that are better than their parents.  I do think this can be accomplished with Fillie/Tripper.  I think they will compliment each other nicely, and the results should be amazingly athletic and sound in mind to boot.

While Tripper is a herding dog, several of his littermates are in agility homes and doing very well.  Here is a video of a few recent runs by his littermate Vixen (who is MUCH smaller than him!), and also a video of him meeting Vixen again a few months ago – you can really see the size difference in the video :)

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about this breeding.  I’m an open book, and I have nothing to hide.  If you are interested in a puppy from this breeding, please note that I am going to be a very picky breeder here and screen everyone extensively.  I will be collecting deposits at some point for those serious about holding their spot, and I will also be require references from potential puppy parents.

I look forward to the months ahead, the planning, and above all else…the puppy breath that will invade my house again!  :’)  We will do the ENS (Bio-Sensor Program) as we did before, and they will be weaned onto raw at the appropriate time.  Everyone will be invited over for the puppy parties just like we did with the first litter, and once they’re old enough for field trips, you’ll be seeing them everywhere!  As with the first litter, I plan to have a webcam up so you can check in with the pups during their daily life in the whelping box, the RomperRoom, and eventually on their trips outside the house as well.

Below are some photos from a recent trip to visit with Tripper and the rest of the Crossroads Border Collies crew.  For some reason my blog here wants to squish the photos horizontally a little.  Click on the photos for a more correct look at each of them.  For more photos of Felicity, please visit my facebook page — there are hundreds to choose from, and I’m happy to share!  For information about Felicity’s first litter, you can visit them at the blog I kept during their gestation and first 4 weeks and also now on their own facebook page.  I also have many videos of her daughter Ricochet (Rikki) on my youtube channel.

**Note: My blog squished the photos horizontally — click for more proportionate photos!**

These puppies will definitely be "Water Collies", their parents both have an affinity for the wet stuff!

Tripper checking over his shoulder for Fillie.

Tripper in the middle, racing Fillie in front

He's kind of a goober, and I kind of love that :)

Tripper, watching Fillie's antics across the way

The closest thing you get to stacking a cow dog.

Tripper and the girls

Just Tripper.

Such a sweet disposition (as long as you're not a cow).

They were pretty sweet on each other.

Prettiest Bean.

Hot day = long tongue

They're similar in size, he's just beefier than she is.


Tripper during a game of "get the toy out of the girl's mouth".

Too hot to herd, so we played on the hay instead.

Fillie & Tripper, sitting on the Hay...

Pretty Fillie

Fillie, Tripper in the background

Look at that sweet face!



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