Happy 5 Months, Beanie Babies!!

The Beanie Babies are 5 months old today!  Born 10 March 2011 via unplanned c-section, 6 little bundles of joy hopped into this world.

While she was a little confused at first (look at her poor eyes!), Fillie took to being a Momma pretty quickly and was just great with them after the anesthesia wore off.  I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up.

Ricochet, the 5th born, is such a welcome addition to our household.  She is just a joy.  Super easy to live with, easy to train, impossible not to love.  I can’t wait for many, many more milestones coming up in their lives.  The Beanie Babies are ready to take on the world, full steam ahead!

Rikki @ 5mo

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